Cyber Security – An Important Dimension

National security is an over arching concept having diverse definition but primarily founded on the principle of securing the nation state and its citizens. Increasingly the traditional definition of national security has been broadened to include military, political, environmental, natural resources, energy and now another important constituent is cyber security.
The fundamental differences in this particular form of security are:
• It’s a horizontal form of security which cuts across other security pillars.
• Ownership is not only restricted to nation state and or group but is in the hands of citizen as well.

Its landscape is basically without any boundaries but the nation has to decide in this boundary less landscape about issues and take decisions to secure its physical boundaries and the well being of its citizens.
The cyber security in its avatar has created a differential integrated situation where-in the constituents are the threat, victims and the protectors themselves. The fundamental to this is Internet which is the reason for the threat and but simultaneously needs to be protected so that open and sustainable development occurs of Internet which is the way forward for development of nation states and its citizens. Hence, it leads to a situation where in cyber security matters to all of us.

In the Indian context the Government of India’s initiative to appoint a national cyber security coordinator was much timely and important. Particularly when the cyber space becomes a triggering point for internal conflicts and India’s positioning in the world forum depends on actions taken now. Today’s issue of twitter handle of PMO India is a case in point. There is a need and necessity to recognise digital assets and build security perimeters around it.

Immediately, the current government of MODI, should take stock Of What is the cyber threat for which we need to be prepared and What can be done? While the government reacts and be in motion, let us vow to do the simple things.
• Keep our operating system up-to-date.
• Keep our antivirus up to date.

Cheers for now and be cyber safe!!!!!

Cyber Security – An Important Dimension

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