The Purpose

There is a common understanding of Internet but Internet Governance has a multitude of views which ranges from considering it only as a medium for public policy issues to capacity development to trust building initiative of a global facility available to the public.

The appearance of Internet Governance brought a paradigm shift in the way internet was being perceived from top down or regulatory or restrictive approach to light handed approach for implementation of internet related policies, binding corporate rules, bilateral and multilateral enforcement cooperation. This was a marked departure from international conventions in place wherein the rules of the major medium of communication was being decided by the world bodies of which the governments of each countries were member states like ITU, Postal Union etc.

In 2005, the WSIS (World Summit of INformation Society) adopted a working definition for Internet Governance which was “Internet Governance is the development and application by Governments, the private sector and civil society in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision making procedures and programmes that shape the evolution and use of Internet”.

This text was subject of much debate during the WSIS process and was not wholeheartedly endorsed by all parties or stakeholders, hence the term “working definition”. The question of exact scope of the definition of Internet Governance continues to remain on the policy agenda.

While definitions of Internet governance can greatly vary, they typically comprise, to a lesser or greater degree, two elements:
a) the running of technical infrastructure of Internet, including IP numbers, domain names, Internet protocols and root servers;
b) the impact of Internet on Society, usually described as “public policy issues”, including content control, cybercrime and intellectual property.
As Internet has taken a significant divergent approach, the first step will be to highlight global framework which exist today and those will be the initial blog posts and will be classified under the broader category of Internet Governance. Then the second category of IG India will be the one which will have more related posts both to India specific Issues of Internet Governance or the global issues impacting India.

The basic idea of starting this blog is to generate the initial interest in the subject for all stakeholders of Internet In India and related Internet Governance. The objective is to see increased participation in all public policy issues and capacity development form the readers of this blog so that India stands out in International forums in terms of contribution at the global stage.

The road to achieve it, is definitely neither short nor easy but a small step has been made to contribute towards a large unfulfilled area. Your comments is going to be the life line. So continue to read and comment.

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