The Transition of IANA Function

In March 14, the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced intent to end its oversight role with the IANA functions and called for a transition process to begin toward the full administration of those key Internet domain name functions by the global multi-stakeholder community.

In short, IANA is about managing and ensuring the global uniqueness of three types of Internet identifiers:
a. Protocol parameter numbers
b. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses
c. Internet domain names

It is imperative that to further evolve evolve toward a governance model that is truly global, inclusive of all stakeholders and widely accepted as a result, a sectoral policy making model aligned with the democratic values of inclusiveness of all people concerned, bottom up and consensus driven is required and which essentially currently is the multi stakeholder model.

The four principles put forward by NTIA to guide ICANN and the global Internet community in the formulation of a transition proposal are unified, stable, secure and trust-worthy Internet, while still in keeping with openness and innovation as we have known retains the need, and constantly improves on its ability, to help preserve and further Civil Liberties for all Internet users around the globe. The

The globalization of the IANA functions will be further completed by carefully assessing the jurisdiction to be applicable in the new institutional environment. This new legal regime should have an international basis with a view to reducing costs and putting the access and use of its apparatus within the reach of all stakeholders across all regions of the world. Along the same line, suitable and effective accountability and transparency mechanisms shall also be put in place.

The Transition of IANA Function

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